Corporate Responsibility - Entrepose DBN
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Corporate Responsibility

DBN has established a leading presence in Nigeria for over 38 years. We pride ourselves on the manner in which we have conducted our business over this period of time; responsibly. We place high importance on contributing to the welfare of the society in which we live and work. Our projects have helped grow local economies and positively impacted the lives of the larger community in which we operate. For DBN, protecting the environment is a top priority and it is our constant endeavour to cultivate an eco-friendly attitude and working style amongst all our employees.



Environmental Protection




As an environmentally conscious company, DBN looks for the best solutions to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities. We encourage our employees to work with caution, use materials and energy efficiently and find innovative ways of carrying out their activities in order to safeguard the environment.


DBN strives to promote a culture in which environmental preservation is a chief concern and commitment at every level of the organisation, from our Senior Management to our employees, local vendors, sub-contractors and project teams.



Nigerian Content Plan and Development Efforts




DBN lays significant emphasis on maximising the Nigerian expertise in its growth, thereby supporting the economic development of the country. In line with the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Nigerian Content Directives, we are committed to the employment and training of Nigerian human resources as well as to the utilization of local material resources for the provision of goods and services to the Oil and Gas sectors.


DBN is providing growing opportunities for Nigerian companies, SMEs, vendors, contractors and contract workers by engaging them in our projects. In addition, approximately 95% of DBN’s employees are Nigerians, occupying various roles from senior managers to project workers. For many of our projects, we aim to recruit manpower from local communities and villages surrounding our project sites.


The main objectives of DBN’s Nigerian Content Development Plan are:


– to maximize the presence of Nigerian companies when executing projects


– to utilize, as far as possible, local vendors and sub-contractors rendering services such as supply of equipment and materials, supply of manpower, NDT services and other specialised services such as site surveys, civil works, painting, catering services for onsite projects etc.


– to train, develop and retain skilled local manpower for Senior Management positions as well as Project Management Teams


– to train and develop unskilled manpower



As part of our commitment to stimulate the development of indigenous capabilities, DBN invests a considerable amount of time, effort and resources to Training and we offer various programmes.


DBN, along with its parent company ENTREPOSE Contracting, has designed Technology Transfer Programmes. These are in house programmes designed to impart knowledge and skills to Nigerian personnel. Many of these programmes are conducted in our global offices and involve specialised training with our expatriate experts.


DBN also conducts numerous training programmes on the ground level. We offer Management, Supervisory, Safety and Craft Training programmes to enhance the competencies of our employees. We also offer “on the job training” when specific skills are required for a particular project. DBN has set up a Training School and Welding school where many of our project workers are trained and qualified.


DBN’s initiatives in training and development have significantly boosted the morale of our Nigerian employees and contract workers.