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Equipment and Tools

heavy-lifting-equipmentDBN strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of our business and to deliver the highest quality of work to our customers. Our commitment to safety and quality is deeply ingrained into all our business processes including the deployment and maintenance of our Equipment and Materials.


DBN has a wide array of Construction equipment including cranes, generators, lifting equipment, welding machines, compressors, scaffolding material, hydraulic pumps, forklifts, self-loaders etc. which are readily deployed to Project Sites when required.


DBN has set up a specialized division known as the Plant Department within our Port Harcourt base, dedicated entirely to managing the maintenance and tracking of our Equipment and Materials. The Plant Department, spread over a spacious 1380 square metres, is carefully supervised by a Plant Manager and supported by an in-house Mechanical Workshop, Office & Spare Parts Stores.


DBN has devised a unique and highly efficient system to manage the upkeep and tracking of our Equipment and Materials. Our in-house, proprietary Software Programme enables us to track the movement and access the maintenance history of each and every item of equipment within our fleet at any given time. With the support of this programme, DBN’s Plant Department is in a position to ensure that all Equipment and Materials have been adequately serviced and maintained, with a calibration certificate where required, prior to being deployed to a project site.


The attention, skill and resources devoted to this exercise are testimony to DBN’s constant quest for top-class quality and endeavour to deliver optimal performance.

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